New Lineage 2 private servers

Birthday Reward

Tomorrow 18. October admin "Wilder have birthday and he will give 100 Crest Coins to 10 random players.
If you feel lucky... be online 21:00 GMT +3 in Giran Town!

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Bonus Satart

All new characters created will receive 20% Bonus rune.
Join and get your bonus rune for 3 hours!

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Today - Official Opening

Dear players,
Today our server is going live! The grand opening is so close to you! Time of opening will be at
21:00 (GMT +3) +/- 2 min. (MSK or GREEK)
Before the start make sure you have clean Interlude Client! 1) Download interlude torrnet  2) Register your account
3) Download Patch from MediaFire
Download Patch from Mega.Nz
Download Patch from Yandex

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Welcome to Lineage 2 Crest

After many hours of hard work, we are proudly presenting Lineage 2 Crest that will launch this year, on Saturday
6th of October!

We guarantee, you will have fun in our server without having to compete with - prepaid - clans or GM friends and corruption.

We have seen this is happening a lot these days...

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Open Beta Test Event

Open Beta Test is schedules to start on 21st of September, at 20:00 GMT +2 so everyone can check the stability of our server but also search for any bugs or issues.

Server will be much easier during Open Beta, all rates will be increased so you will have a chance to check everything regarding gameplay. We decided to take this opportunity and reward the first 50 players that will reach highest level..

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Rune Castle Event - 21 October

In order to invite more players and clans in our server, we decided to make an event over Rune Castle's siege with a huge real money reward - 200 Euros.

All clans can participate in this event, doesn't matter how big the clan is, if they manage to keep Rune Castle their leader will be rewarded with the prize. You can receive the reward - 200 Euro - with various payment methods...

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There are no updates at the moment!
Server rates

Interlude server rates base is x5 But some of other server rates have been adjusted to match the best gameplay and they are:

• Adena/EXP/SP: amount x5
• Seal stones: amount x4
• Adena, Seal stones: chance 70%
• Drop: chance x4 or amount x1
• Spoil: chance x4 or amount x1
• Quest items drop: amount x3 (not for all quests)
• Quest reward: x2 (not for all quests)
• Raidboss Drop: chance x4 or amount x4
• Epic Drop: chance x1, amount x1, Adena x1
• Manor x1 and Fishing x1 (retail)


• Enchant safe : +3
• Enchant chance : retail-like

Server Features

• Totally classic and retail Official Interlude gameplay.
• Constant events with real-life prizes!
• Very strong DDoS Protection and anti-bot systems.
• Offline trade function – to save your computer’s health over the night
• Traveler's weapons (NO GRADE AND D GRADE) – to save you adena for shots, health
• Wedding system in Giran temple - 10.000.000 adena
• Auto-loot (drop) - OFF;
• Multiple boxes allowed: 1 main +2 windows from the start
• Raid Bosses, Epics are Alive from start
• Olympiad period (retail)
• Seven Signs registration after 8th of October
• Subclass - Quest
• Noblesse - Quest
Retail community board working 100% alt+b

Newbie Guide

You're able to receive buff till 25 level.
• Max buff slots : 20 +4

Ingame Commands

      • Switch on / off your exp
      • Join team vs team event
      • Offline trading setup


Castle Sieges

GludioSaturday 20th of October at 20:00
DionSaturday 20th of October at 20:00
GiranSaturday 20th of October at 22:00
OrenSaturday 20th of October at 22:00
AdenSunday 21st of October at 20:00
InnadrilSunday 21st of October at 20:00
GoddardSunday 21st of October at 22:00
RuneSunday 21st of October at 22:00
SchuttgardSunday 21st of October at 22:00

Cursed Weapons will be activated 1 week after our Grand Opening

Information about Window

• 24 hours +\- 1 means from 23 to 25 hours.

Normal Bosses

• All normal bosses: 24 +/- 1 hour
• Flame Of Splendor Barakiel: 24 +/- 1 hour
• Alliance Lv 3 and Lv 4 Bosses: 24 +/- 1 hour

Instance Bosses

• Sailren: 24 +/- 1 hour

Epic Bosses

• Ant Queen: 24 hours +/- 2 hours
• Core: 36 hours +/- 4 hours
• Orfen: 36 hours +/- 4 hours
• Zaken: 48 hours +/- 2 hours
• Baium: 5 days +/- 4 hours
• Antharas: 8 days +/- 4 hours
• Valakas: 11 days +/- 1 hours
• Frintezza: 48 hours +/- 1 hours

Download interlude torrnet
Register your account

Download Patch from MediaFire
Download Patch from Mega.Nz
Download Patch from Yandex
Extract System into the Game folder;

Run Game from folder /system/l2.exe.
If you will experience any difficulties, please run Lineage 2 - Updater.exe and update your files.
If you still have any issues or concerns, please contact us!